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Why Getvits?

Supplements are largely designed to provide nutrients and vitamins that people might otherwise be missing out on. Getvits, however, is designed to give your body nutrients it simply cannot get via a standard diet.

Most supplements are placebos: the science behind many is dubious or outdated, and the variants of ingredients included are inconsistent in amounts, or in versions that our bodies cannot actually absorb.

Getvits Supplements use a combination of proven ingredients that are included in optimum dosages, in their most bioavailable forms, backed up by science.

Why do your supplements cost more then most others?

Getvits is committed to using peer-reviewed ingredients sourced from the world's most advanced laboratories in the doses proven to work. Zero compromises, just a gold-standard formula that you can trust.

Doing so means no expense is spared, this ethos is reflected in our product costs!

We believe that everyone can gain an advantage by being at their best.

Should I supplement with protein?

A question we often get is why should I supplement with protein? Time for some facts.

What is protein and what does it do?

Protein is a key nutrient made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of skin, hair, nails, muscle and tendons. Protein also ensures your immune system is functioning properly and has been shown to keep you feeling fuller for longer keeping hunger pangs at bay better than carbohydrates or fats.

Why should you supplement with protein?

Protein is especially important for those who exercise regularly. You know the feeling of sore muscles the day after a workout? That’s a result of micro-tears within your muscle fibres that need to be repaired and amino acids are a critical component of that repair process. The good news is that as those muscle tears are repaired, you grow stronger and fitter. And it's not just your muscles that need protein. Your body uses protein to repair all body tissue, which includes hair, skin, nails and tendons. You can of course get your protein from food but it takes more time for your body to break it down and often it can also contain saturated fat, cholesterol and other things you don’t need.

Why Getvits?

Our tailored range of nutrient rich protein blends are a convenient and highly bioavailable source of protein. They’re all packed with the right essential amino acids. More than just a great source of protein, each of our unique blends contain a bespoke mix of the most effective natural ingredients to help you achieve different goals across four categories – strong, fit, health and lean. And because each blend is created from the ground up, they each contain the precise balanced combination of ingredients you need with no artificial flavours, colours, GMOs or mystery ingredients. Ready to invest in your health!

How often do I need to workout to take a protein supplement?

Protein can be beneficial anyone - whether you go to the gym every day, occasionally or even not at all. For those who train regularly, protein can help your muscles repair and recover to maximise the benefits of your workout.

But given protein is the key building block of skin, hair, nails, teeth, tendons and pretty much every cell in your body, getting enough protein into your diet helps ensure you continue to look and feel your best.

Also, vegetarians and vegans may find it difficult to get enough protein into their diets from food so a good quality supplement would help. Lucky for you we have three of the very best, aligned to different goals each packed with a diverse array of superfoods.

When should I take my protein?

Given that protein aids with repair and build muscle, the general consensus is to take your protein in a highly bioavailable form immediately after your workout (within 45 minutes). Your body will be craving nutrients so getting something highly bioavailable into your body at this time is optimal.

Mixing your protein powder with water with a pinch of salt will help your body absorb the nutrients most quickly but you can use whichever liquid you like best to mix your powder with.

In addition, lots of people also have a protein shake when they wake up, as a healthy option during their day to keep them feeling fuller for longer or before they go to bed. There really is no one rule so go with what works best for you.

How many protein shakes can I have a day?

Typically most people consume a protein shake post-workout but you can choose to have more than one shake a day. For instance, as healthy nutritious afternoon snack to keep you going before your next meal.

Our protein blends are packed with functional active ingredients so it's not just about the benefits of the protein that you're getting. Depending on the Getvits blend you choose, you could replenish your body with important nutrients lost during your day, reduce inflammation, provide energy for your workout or help encourage fat-loss.

What can I mix my Getvits protein with?

There are a number of options you have including water, milk, almond milk, coconut milk, hazelnut milk, as an ingredient in smoothies. You actually don’t even have to use liquid at all and can use the superfood protein blends in healthy tasty bakes such as cookie, brownies and all sorts of creative things!

Can I combine Getvits products?

Yes, absolutely. We developed all our products so that you can mix and match any of them depending on your individual goals and requirements. You will get the benefits of each of them regardless of whether you're taking them singularly or with any of our other products.

Are your products safe during pregnancy?

We always suggest that you consult with your doctor before consuming any ingredients you're not sure about. They'll have a better understanding of your personal circumstances.

Which of your products are Vegan?

Plant based? We've got you covered. All our product pages highlight this information with a clear icon or is stated.

Where does Getvits ship to?

We ship to over 30 countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia. Orders are always delivered to our customers on express services so they shouldn't have to wait too long to receive them.

We’re continuing to add more countries to the list so if you’re from somewhere we don’t ship to but you think we really should, send us a message and give us a nudge.