Nutritious boost
on the go!

With a fast paced everyday life, our shakes are good for on-the-go. Easy and convenient, they provide a great nutritional boost.


getVITS was established with a passion - to improve all aspects of health through nutrition.

We truly believe the secret to achieving peak health and longevity is with optimum nutrition. This core belief has inspired us to create a range of products using the purest nutrient dense ingredients available in the world today, each individual ingredient has been carefully selected due to its powerful health benefits.

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getVITS shake's have been specifically designed using a primary super food, super green, nuts, seeds and goji berries.

These have been carefully selected due to their amazing health benefits and unique properties.


Only real ingredients

All of our individual ingredients have been certified organic and meet the high standards of the EU and the Soil Association.


Add some extra flavour

To add some extra flavour to your getVITS shake check out some of our favourite recipes.