You truly are what you eat

How it all began

getVITS started as an idea, a burning desire for a better way to get our daily essential vitamins and minerals. That's when we decided to find a way to enhance our lives, and the lives of people around the globe, through better nutrition

Recognising that plant-based powders are a superior way to absorb all the nutrients our bodies need, we set out to find the best ingredients possible to put into each product we would eventually offer. The time we spent sourcing nutrient-dense ingredients paid off. The result are products that offer natural nutrition and support a balanced lifestyle

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Maintaining healthy & balanced nutrition...Naturally

Our journey to bring you superior organic, plant-based supplements didn't end with our first phase of research. We continued to refine our idea of the perfect supplement by infusing it with only the BEST, purest, and natural essential vitamins, minerals, healthy fats, protein, fibre, and complex carbohydrates available.

We did this by formulating an unrivalled range of delicious, yet nutritious shakes. Each one is designed to sustain a healthy body and mind in the most natural way possible. We know that you care about nutrition, but you also care how you get it. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing the products you take are completely organic and vegan-friendly. You can confidently choose getVITS knowing that's precisely what you'll get.

Each time you buy a product from us, you're choosing ingredients that are sourced from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources. You're also choosing one of the best vegan and organic products available in the health industry. Through our products, you can reduce the effects of everyday stress, a poor diet and toxins by absorbing vital nutrients. Food is fuel. It doesn't have to be complicated. Choose our vegan and organic supplements to revolutionise your health. .

Don't settle for the ordinary!